Chronic Back Pain

Chiropractic Care for Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is a major and costly problem for many Americans. Approximately 16 million adults in the United States experience chronic back pain. This painful condition can limit your everyday activities and is the leading cause of disability worldwide. At the same time, it causes approximately 83 million work-loss days each year. If you are struggling with chronic back pain, our team at Maple Grove Family Chiropractic in Maple Grove can get you back to living a pain-free life.


Back Pain Treatment

Our team is led by Dr. Sanati-Zaker and Dr. Blomdahl. We center on back pain treatment and treating the root cause of the pain, not simply the pain itself. Some of our all-natural methods include:

Spinal manipulation and realignment: This can reduce the pressure on your central nervous system, aid in pain management, and stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities.

Soft tissue therapy: Our chiropractor will work to relax and treat your tight and sore muscles in your back using various treatment methods. For example, manual release therapy involves stretching a muscle while applying pressure. Trigger point therapy involves applying direct pressure on the tensest area of the muscle.

Exercise therapy: Our chiropractors will recommend simple exercises that you can do at home to help with your back pain and keep it from returning.

Massage therapy: We use massage therapy as a complementary service to our chiropractic care to help relieve musculoskeletal pain and relax your muscles.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture helps to lower or even eliminate back pain by stimulating the central nervous system. It also releases chemicals such as endorphins or serotonin into the patient’s muscles and spinal cord.

Posture screenings: Poor posture and slouching while sitting or standing can lead to back pain. As part of our treatment, our chiropractors can conduct screenings to correct your posture.

The Effects of Chiropractic Care on Chronic Back Pain

The results of chiropractic care on chronic back pain are undeniable and often quick. After six weeks of chiropractic care for back pain, many of our patients have reported the following:

  • Less pain intensity
  • Improvement in their ability to function
  • Higher satisfaction with their treatment
  • Needing less pain medicine

Relief for Your Chronic Back Pain Is Within Reach!

At Maple Grove Family Chiropractic, we take pride in providing the finest care for each patient. If you are experiencing chronic back pain, make an appointment with Dr. Sanati-Zaker or Dr. Blomdahl today by calling us at (763) 777-5461.


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  • "I visited Dr. Laura after having tension headaches for several months. After the first adjustment, I had instant relief! I have since visited her practice for acupuncture and had the best massage I've ever experienced from Sarah. Dr. Laura is exceptionally knowledgeable in her field, and I highly recommend her!"
    Ashley D.
  • "Dr. Laura Zaker has helped me realize that the spine is movable. I'm in my early sixties and was skeptical that my persistent back pain could be addressed. After years of sharp pain, within two months, I am amazed that I no longer have the pain. The muscles in my back and neck are no longer feeling strained. I am writing this since I was fortunate to have received this unexpected physical improvement; I am a fan of Dr. Laura Zaker."
    Kevin B.