Neck Pain FAQs

If you are experiencing neck pain that is also causing stiffness and limited range of motion, our team at Maple Grove Family Chiropractic in Maple Grove, MN, can provide treatment that can reduce your discomfort. This way, you can return to your daily activities without any obstructions. Before you schedule an appointment, we would like to answer some most frequently asked questions about neck pain so you have more insight.


What Causes Neck Pain? 

Before our chiropractors can identify the cause of your pain, we'll perform a comprehensive examination, which may include taking imaging of the affected region, in order to determine a diagnosis. One possible cause of neck pain is arthritis, especially if it is chronic. Arthritis can cause stiffness, a decreased range of motion, and pain.

You could have muscle tension in your neck from your job or interests. For instance, if you're looking down at your phone or tablet for prolonged periods, you can strain the muscles and soft tissues in the region. Neck pain can also result if you have hobbies that force you to look down for longer periods of time or if your computer is not properly positioned.

Additional causes of neck pain include:

  • Poor posture
  • Whiplash
  • Sports Injury
  • Headaches

How Does Chiropractic Care Treat Neck Pain? 

Once our chiropractor diagnoses the cause of your neck pain, we'll provide you with a customized treatment plan. If you have arthritis, muscle tension, or whiplash, we may recommend spinal alignment that focuses on the neck. You may also benefit from exercise therapy, which consists of our chiropractor guiding you through exercises that work the affected part of the neck and gradually improve your flexion and function in that region. We provide quality care to our patients and will alter your treatments as you heal for long-lasting results. 

Why Should You Choose Chiropractic Care?

We recommend trying chiropractic care if you prefer a natural way to relieve your pain. Since the treatments are non-invasive, they are known to cause few temporary or long-term side effects. Chiropractic care can also be used along with other therapies because it doesn’t interact with other treatments. 

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If you are suffering from neck pain, Maple Grove Family Chiropractic in Maple Grove, MN, can help determined the cause and ease the discomfort naturally. Call us at {763) 777-5461 today for an appointmen or to learn more about the treatments that we offer.


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  • "I visited Dr. Laura after having tension headaches for several months. After the first adjustment, I had instant relief! I have since visited her practice for acupuncture and had the best massage I've ever experienced from Sarah. Dr. Laura is exceptionally knowledgeable in her field, and I highly recommend her!"
    Ashley D.
  • "Dr. Laura Zaker has helped me realize that the spine is movable. I'm in my early sixties and was skeptical that my persistent back pain could be addressed. After years of sharp pain, within two months, I am amazed that I no longer have the pain. The muscles in my back and neck are no longer feeling strained. I am writing this since I was fortunate to have received this unexpected physical improvement; I am a fan of Dr. Laura Zaker."
    Kevin B.