Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Pre-Natal Care at Maple Grove Family Chiropractic

Congratulations on the pending addition to your family! If this is your first baby, you may have no idea what to expect from the next 9 months. If you've been pregnant before, then you may not be looking forward to the aches and pains that lie before you. Fortunately, pregnancy doesn't have to leave you feeling miserable. Here at Maple Grove Family Chiropractic in Maple Grove, MN, either chiropractor on our team can administer safe, natural pre-natal care that's good for you and your developing baby alike.


Physical Challenges Related to Pregnancy

Accommodating an embryo that grows into a full-sized fetus requires the body to make some dramatic changes. The most evident change is the abdominal enlargement, but this enlargement also forces the spine to alter its normal curvature, throwing your weight increasingly off-balance as your pregnancy advances, causing muscular strain, headaches, neck pain, and low back pain. These same spinal changes can also put pressure on spinal nerve tissue. Pinched nerves typically cause issues such as sciatica or neurological symptoms in an arm or hand. Faulty nerve signaling may even contribute to other discomforts, such as edema (swelling from fluid accumulation) in the extremities, mood swings, and nausea.

Your pelvic structure also undergoes changes during pregnancy. Hormones instruct the pelvic ligaments to become looser and more flexible. This change can sometimes do more harm than good, since it allows for instability that may lead to pelvic misalignment. A pelvic misalignment can actually make it difficult for the baby to turn upside-down in preparation for birth. This problem, known as dystocia, could force you to undergo a C-section.

Our Doctors Can Make You More Healthy and Comfortable

If you've never considered going to a chiropractor while pregnant, rest assured that this form of pre-natal care is completely safe and can prove highly beneficial. Your chiropractor at our clinic, Dr. Chang, Dr. Babcock or Dr. Zaker, will evaluate your baseline health and spinal alignment before making any adjustments or treatment recommendations. We know how to provide gentle yet effective chiropractic adjustments while our pregnant patients rest comfortably. These adjustments can release spinal nerve pressure and reduce musculoskeletal stresses, allowing you to feel and function better without taking painkillers or other drugs. We can also make sure that your pelvic alignment is in the optimal configuration for a normal, healthy delivery.

Ready to Schedule Pre-Natal Chiropractic Care in Maple Grove, MN?

Are you interested in giving yourself and your new baby the healthiest pregnancy possible? Call our Maple Grove, MN, clinic today at (763) 777-5461 to schedule pre-natal care at Maple Grove Family Chiropractic!


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  • "I visited Dr. Laura after having tension headaches for several months. After the first adjustment, I had instant relief! I have since visited her practice for acupuncture and had the best massage I've ever experienced from Sarah. Dr. Laura is exceptionally knowledgeable in her field, and I highly recommend her!"
    Ashley D.
  • "Dr. Laura Zaker has helped me realize that the spine is movable. I'm in my early sixties and was skeptical that my persistent back pain could be addressed. After years of sharp pain, within two months, I am amazed that I no longer have the pain. The muscles in my back and neck are no longer feeling strained. I am writing this since I was fortunate to have received this unexpected physical improvement; I am a fan of Dr. Laura Zaker."
    Kevin B.